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{Little Mermaid} in Water

The Carolina Ballet is proud to present Lynne Taylor-Corbett’s brand-new production of “The Little Mermaid.” The dancers have been working on the production on-and-off since July 2010.

Since I have been recovering from my elbow surgery, I have been watching many rehearsals, which has been an enlightening perspective. Although it is fabulous to always be dancing, it is nice to step aside and really understand the steps of the creative process. It has been great following the dancers, the wardrobe staff, and the crew on how everything comes together to make a spectacular show.

As a way of promoting this production, Tim Lytvinenko and I decided to organize an underwater shoot. I knew that the costumes would not be ready in time for a photo shoot. (They are still being fix and it’s opening night!) This was the result of our brainstorming. Five other photographs from the same collection are hanging for the month of March in Chuck’s, a restaurant in Downtown Raleigh.

Elizabeth Ousley. Photo by © Tim Lytvinenko.

Lindsay Turkel. Photo by © Tim Lytvinenko.

Margaret Severin-Hansen. Photo by © Tim Lytvinenko.


Lindsay Turkel. Photo by © Tim Lytvinenko.

Lindsay Turkel. Photo by © Tim Lytvinenko.

Lindsay Turkel. Photo by © Tim Lytvinenko.

Carolina Ballet’s “Little Mermaid” production, plus several pas de deux, runs from March 15th to April 1st.


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  1. Hi Cecilia,
    I am a junior photojournalism student from UNC and I am in the process of working on ideas for my final project and thought you may be of some help! My idea is to do kind of the “backstage” of a ballet company. I found this blog and thought you might be interested in helping me. If you are, I would love to have your email address so I could better explain my ideas! I know you are extremely busy, but I would really love to hear from you. I tried to contact you on Facebook, but I know I don’t really check my messages and so I figured I would try this!

    Ashley Blue


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