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{Dancer Routines} in Photos

Carolina Ballet is opening their 15th Anniversary season tonight. It is a monumental milestone for the company and all the dancers, new and old, look forward to presenting audiences our greatest season yet. Personally, this is my fourth season with the Carolina Ballet and it has been a journey of growth. I feel as though I have molded my style of dancing into the artist I want to become. As unbearable as it was not dancing to my potential for the few weeks after my elbow surgery (February 2012), it was an opportunity for me to focus on all the technical details I forgot while dancing in season. I took the summer off to allow myself to explore other passions (travel and photography), but I felt a void. I am delighted now to be back in the studios and on stage dancing.

I will soon publish a post about our season’s opening, but first I want to share with you a project a friend of mine did on “a life of a dancer.” Ashley Blue, a photojournalism major at UNC, contacted me back in March, through this blog, about doing a project on a dancer. Through several communications and meetings, I became her muse during the Calder/Carmine program in April. She followed me through studio rehearsals, down-time, and stage tech rehearsals. I will let you decide for yourselves how she portrayed my life through those few weeks. I was very impressed!

First Friday at ArtSpace. Photo by © Ashley Blue.

Remembrance of surgery. Photo by © Ashley Blue.

Costume fitting. Photo by © Ashley Blue.

Downtime in rehearsal. Photo by © Ashley Blue.

Pilates Reformer work. Photo by © Ashley Blue.

Pilates Reformer work. Photo by © Ashley Blue.

Pilates Reformer work. Photo by © Ashley Blue.

Calder Rehearsal at the Carolina Ballet studios. Photo by © Ashley Blue.

Backstage for “Carmina Burana.” Photo by © Ashley Blue.

Catching up with our fantastic supporters. Photo by © Ashley Blue.

Warming up on stage. Photo by © Ashley Blue.

Dress rehearsal of Tyler Walter’s “I Mobile.” Photo by © Ashley Blue.

Dress rehearsal bows of Tyler Walter’s “I Mobile.” Richard Krusch, Margret Severin-Hansen, Cecilia Iliesiu, Lara O’Brien, and Oliver Beres. Photo by © Ashley Blue.

Post show. Photo by © Ashley Blue.

View more of Ashley Blue’s work at her photo blog:



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