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{city.ballet.} Review

As my layoff before holiday madness {Messiah} and {Nutcrackeris quickly coming to a close, I wanted to share my opinion on the latest video series on dance.

The 12-episode web series {city.ballet} about New York City Ballet is produced and conceived by actress Sarah Jessica Parker.

As a professional dancer, all the material discussed in the series is old news. I live in “the world,” though it is refreshing to hear other dancers going through the same struggles. My most pertinent struggles include the dedicated commitment to artistic development, the growth of a life outside the ballet bubble, and the endeavor to move up the hierarchal ranks.

In the New York Times, Gia Kourlas wrote a review on the city.ballet series. Gia confesses that it takes a dancer saying he/she drinks a half a bottle of wine after a show  to “transform a ballerina into a human being.” That’s amusing.

Below I have chosen three videos that I particularly enjoyed and wanted to share with you. It has been a treat to see some of my SAB classmates in the videos.

Eps. 4: Soloist

Eps. 7: Sacrifice

Eps. 11: Injuries

If your time permits, I highly suggest your watch the 12-episode city.ballet series in its entirety. You will probably learn something you didn’t know.


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