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{Bunheads} Review

During the flurry and choas of {Nutcracker} last month, I spent my precious hours away from the theater catching up on my reading.

{Bunheads} (2011) was written by former-New York City Ballet dancer Sophie Flack. She tells the tale of a 19-year old ballerina in the mist of a company life with Manhattan Ballet. Sophie used the sagas of her daily NYCB life to create a narrative  that is semi-biographical. This novel is no way related to the silly TV series {Bunheads.}

What did I think of the novel?

{Bunheads} hits close to home for me because it addresses many elements I deal with as a dancer.

The necessity to completely focusing on your art and yourself alone to succeed is true.

The difficulties of having a social life outside the ballet bubble is true.

The pressures on yourself to be your absolute best at every moment at any cost is true.

The strains of maintaining an ideal body in perfectly fine-tuned condition is true.

Although I myself was not a member NYCB, Sophie walks me through the days of her former life at NYCB; a few of my friends in NYCB have similar tales. The theater rooftop overlooking Lincoln Center, the corresponding Opera theater, Rosa Mexicana restaurant a stone-throw away, the deli around the corner… it is all very familiar and recognizable to me as a New Yorker.

In relation to my other reviews, I might have enjoyed “Bunheads” the best. (Past reviews: Breaking Pointecity.ballet., and Black Swan) The focus of the novel was different – instead of solely showing the life of a dancer, the novel concentrates on how she coped with the struggles of company life. Thankfully, the story doesn’t overdramatize any elements. A comparison would be – It’s Black Swan without the thriller craziness, blood and sex.

The novel was an easy read that I would recommend to those familiar with ballet. I worry that people out of the dance world would have trouble understanding the “dancer” language.


There are over 3,000 review of “Bunheads” on, but I suggest you read a few.

You also might be interested in reading Sophie’s Interview for Timeout Magazine in 2009.


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