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{Little Raleigh Radio} Interview

I tend to stray away from writing solely about myself on this blog because I want to share the experience of being a professional dancer as opposed to promoting myself. With that being said, I would like to share with you a radio interview that I did this past Monday with Little Raleigh Radio about my life as a dancer.

Cecilia Iliesiu. Photo by Tim Lytvinenko, 2014.

Cecilia Iliesiu. Photo by Tim Lytvinenko, 2014.

I was approached by the fabulous Ben McNeely, a TV/Radio producer, to participate in his {This is Raleigh} segment of the broadcast. He is a close friend and former college classmate of Tim Lytvinenko, whose photographs you have seen quite often on this blog.

For {This is Raleigh}, Little Raleigh Radio selects individuals from within Raleigh who bring something special to the local community. Naturally, I was beyond honored to have the opportunity.

In this 30 minutes interview, Ben and I discuss my perception of the styles of dance, my experience being a tall dancer, and my roles in {Vivaldi’s Four Season} {Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concert No. 2} {Rubies} and {The Nutcracker.}

 Interview Link

Click here to listen to Cecilia Iliesiu’s {Little Raleigh Radio} interview with Ben McNeely.

My Instagram Photo.

My Instagram Photo.



  1. Charlie Morazan says

    Because of the snow, I was able to bring my wife to see the ballet and she loved it almost as much as I did. In fact she will be getting a season ticket for next year.


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