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{Strictly Ballet} Review

Most recent in the world-wide-web is Teen Vogue’s {Strictly Ballet}, featuring the students of School of American Ballet “SAB”. (For those of your who don’t know me personally, I trained at SAB for a decade from the age of 8 to 18.) Below is the series blurb:

In this exclusive new Teen Vogue series, follow six students as they strive for stardom at the School of American Ballet. With unprecedented access, you’ll go behind the scenes and inside the studio to see what it’s really like trying to land a spot on the Lincoln Center stage.

Here are a few episodes I enjoyed-

Season 1, Episode 3: Dance is for Athletes

Season 1, Episode 4: Facing the Competitions

Season 1, Episode 6: Preparing for Audition Season

Season 1, Episode 12: Taking Class with NYCB Peter Martins

Season 1, Episode 17: Finding out what the Future Holds 


Episodes 4 hit close to home for me. As a teen, my life training as a dancer attending SAB and PCS was very similar to Mimi’s. (I actually know Mimi from Raleigh where she used to live.) The video points out the importance of training and dedication to improve the art form. The relationship between academic and ballet schools as a student is far different than the typical highschooler.

As an Advanced student at SAB, I clearly remember those Saturday morning classes with NYCB Artistic Director, Peter Martins (Episode 12). My friends and I would save our favorite leotard for that class, do a fancy bun, take extra time stretching and were so nervous. It was a huge deal to be seen by Peter. In the end, we all survived and many of my friends did get jobs in NYCB.



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