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Pre-30 Day {Yoga Challenge}

Since entering my sixth season with Carolina Ballet, I have wanted to embrace a new outlook on my life. It is so important for us to remember through our busy, media-filled, and multi-tasking lives to focus on improving ourselves and on living in each moment fully. We are so busy texting friends, Instagram-ing snapshots, Tweeting articles, etc. that we forget to put the technology down and truly live in the present. (You know what I am talking about & I am guilty.)

{Open Door Yoga}

{Open Door Yoga}

As a continuation of my 3-day juicing cleanse last November, I have challenged myself to practice Hot Yoga for the next 30 days with a good friend Lindsay. I am on Day 6 and loving it!

(Past posts = Juicing the Layoff Away and Juicing Results.)

In addition to my performing, rehearsing, teaching (and now Yoga practice), I am taking an online Interpersonal Communications class this Fall semester through Fordham University. My thoughts of reconnecting to myself and others has been reaffirmed. Here is a bit of what I have written on the topic for the class.

I always need to remind myself that there is a bigger world outside of my personal bubble.  I must always focus my attention outward towards bigger goals, rather than inward on myself. It is vitally important to be aware of my personal values/beliefs and live by them.

As I get older and my life becomes more complicated, it becomes crucial that I spend time on myself. (There is always time!) It is so vital to give our multitasking-minds a break and treat our body with love and respect. (We only get one per lifetime!) I have found that making goals and challenges for myself to be very effective, but making them public certainly seals the deal. (Hence the 30-day Yoga challenge.)

I have made the observation that people are buried in their phones throughout the day. I find that they are living the lives of others through social media instead of putting the phone down and living their own life.

Here is to a meditative 30 days as a yogi in the studio and in life. I’ll check in with you soon.





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