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60 Day {Vegan Challenge}

This Wednesday, I embarked on a new journey to challenge and motivate me through the next 60-days. As you can see through my various challenges {Juicing The Layoff Away} {My 30-day Yoga Challenge} {My 30-day Juicing Challenge}, I have a desire to embrace a healthy lifestyle while maintaining a dancer’s strength and nutrition.

{Dance Magazine} Going Raw

{Dance Magazine} Going Raw

A few months ago, I was interviewed by Dance Magazine‘s Lynn Love for her article “Going Raw” in the February issue.

As I mentioned to Mrs. Love in our interview, I had tried being vegan and eating raw, but I had not been successful with my needed energy levels. Last weekend, while I was warming up to go on stage for The Four Temperaments {See 4Ts post}, my stomach was feeling heavy. I thought to myself, maybe a vegan challenge is exactly what I need for a new experience and cleanse my insides. I want to prove that it is possible!

{The Glowing Fridge}

{The Glowing Fridge}

I decided to pursue my test – veganism. While searching Pinterest for vegan recipes, I stumbled across an incredible blog called {The Glowing Fridge} and Shannon is the mastermind behind the site. {More about her.} I sent her an email about my challenge and how I wanted to use and share her vegan philosophy and incredible recipes for my next 60-days.

I will be checking-in by blog posts in 20-day increments to assess my experience and feature my favorite of Shannon’s recipes. Follow my daily progress on my social media outlets – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest.




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