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Seattle Family

I spent the Labor Day weekend zipping to Raleigh for a short trip to be the Maid of Honor for my friend Jessica’s wedding. Although I must have brought Seattle’s rain to the East coast, the beautiful bride Jessica and her groom Logan had a lovely ceremony with close friends and family.

The following day, I indulged in seeing as many of my closest friends one day could allow. The four months that have passed since I moved from my Raleigh family felt like ages – so much of my life has changed, in the best of ways. It gave me such joy to see them all happy and starting the Carolina Ballet season to a good start. The day solidified how Raleigh will always be such an important chapter in my life and holds a vital core of friends that I wouldn’t trade for the world.

{Kinfolk} Magazine on the plane

{Kinfolk} Magazine on the plane

On my flight back to Seattle, I dove into reading the latest edition of the {Kinfolk} magazine. I adore its thought-provoking articles on current lifestyle and the beautiful artsy layout. {Kinfolk} Fall’s issue focused on family.

New PNB Dancers for Season 2015/16

New PNB Dancers for Season 2015/16. Photo by Lindsay Thomas.

Two {Kinfolk} articles brought up many points that seem so ponyant in my current life that I found worth sharing. As I build a new community as my Seattle family, I loved being reminded of my unbreakable network in Raleigh.

Quoted from “Wherever You Are” by Liz Clayton.

Your network “reflect your realized (or realizing) adult self.”

“We’re all products of both our past and present selves and all the stages in between. We’re able to find our true selves in that harmony, gathering what and who we choose to make us strong and loving and making this new world our own.”

Stretching with my Label Dancewear leotard.

Stretching with my Label Dancewear leotard.

I enter this new week in Seattle at PNB with an enlivened feeling of gratitude and joy for the life that I had and the life that I am currently building for myself.


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