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Seattle {Brunch} and R&J

I am slowly checking restaurants off my ever-growing list. (Thank you Jessika!) Let me tell you, Seattle has some incredible food!

My lovely friends and I have ventured to new brunch spots in the Emerald City and they are too cute and too good!

1 – {The Wandering Goose}

Must get: Biscuit and jam

{The Wandering Goose}

{The Wandering Goose}

2 – {Tallulah’s}

Must get: Maple Quinoa Porriage



3 – {Plum Vegan Bistro}

Must get: Veggie Slam

{Plum Vegan Bistro}

{Plum Vegan Bistro}


PNB dancers are in the midst of {Romeo & Juliette} and our NYC tour to City Center. This is the first time I have danced and performed the work of Jean-Christophe Maillot and it is a thrilling experience. We are fortunate to have stagers Gaby Baars and Bernice Coppieters from Les Ballets de Monte Carlo with us in the studios as they guide us to the emotional level the production requires.

PNB’s {Romeo & Juliette} Trailer

Another treat has been watching Noelani and Leslie transform into Juliette during our studio runs. Their raw emotion and vulnerability, along side their impeccable technique, is inspirational.

Article to read – {Boomerang ballerina: Noelani Pantastico comes home again to ‘Roméo et Juliette’}

Can we believe this is the last day of January already!? 2016 is flying by.


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