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A Year Ago Today

On this day one year ago, you would have found me on the stairs in front of the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, CA crying. Crying out of relief, shock, joy, excitement… an overflow of every emotions.

One phone call had the power to cause so many emotions and subsequently change my life from that moment forward. The person on the other line was PNB Artistic Director, Peter Boal.

2016-Square Dance, Lindsay Thomas 2

Price Suddarth and Cecilia Iliesiu preparing for {Square Dance}. Photo by Lindsay Thomas, 2016.

I had spent the previous six months in limbo as to where the next chapter of my life was going to take me. However, this one call was everything I could have asked for. I had taken class with numerous companies near and far, but the Pacific Northwest was supposed to be.

The best part is that I would do it all again – the auditions, the anticipation, the uncertainty – because it had taught me to appreciate everything I am given and trust that the right path will always make itself clear.

2016-Square Dance, Lindsay Thomas 1

Nancy Casciano (f), Emma Love Suddarth and Cecilia Iliesiu (b). Photo by Lindsay Thomas, 2016.

One year ago, I wouldn’t have dreamt of hitting so many performing milestones at PNB:

  • Jerome Robbin’s {The Concert}
  • PNB World Premiere {Signature} by my SAB colleague Price Suddarth
  • Crystal Pite’s {Emergence}
  • George Balanchine’s {The Nutcracker} as the Arabian Coffee
  • Jean-Christophe Maillot’s {Romeo et Juliette}
  • George Balanchine’s {Square Dance} & {Stravinsky Violin Concerto} both on the City Center stage

And this doesn’t even account for my emotional final few performances at Carolina Ballet, as I closed that chapter to open another.

George Balanchine’s {4 Temperaments} & Zalman Raffael’s {In The Gray}.

I have been blessed with incredible experiences that I wouldn’t trade for the world. Thank you to everyone for supporting me through this last year and making it one I will never forget.


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