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3 Countries in 3 Weeks

I deeply value travel and the way it pushes me beyond my comfort zone, expands my mind and ignites my imagination. I desire to be someone who changes and grows and learns by immersing myself in new cultures and places. Traveling has and does directly impact the formation and discovery of my purpose and contributes significantly to a posture of gratitude.


I had saved this quote from a magazine a few months ago and it reignited my passion for travel. Yes, I adore the cultural signs and the unique cuisine, but what I love most about traveling is the discovery. I am transported from my life as a ballerina to one as a voyager hungry to learn. To many, travel requires a bit of discomfort outside our idea of home, however for me, it gives me a sense of freedom and rejuvenation.

Today, I set off on a summer adventure together with three co-dancers.

Our destinations are:

  1. Iceland
  2. London, England
  3. Ireland

You may wonder about this combination. Here is how the story goes.

On a December morning, before a warm-up class, I was feeling especially exhausted. The Pacific Northwest Ballet was in the height of the Nutcracker season with 40 shows in the span of a month. My good friend and colleague Liz came over to my spot and asked me —would want to travel to Europe with her? My immediate response was, “I’m already there. When and where are we going?”

We tossed some country and city names around and almost instantaneously decided on the three. ICELAND — I had taken an Icelandair flight a year ago and had fallen in love with the dynamic landscape from watching the tour videos on the plane; the airline offers a complimentary 1 to 7 day layover on a trip to Europe. IRELAND — Liz is Irish and wanted to connect with her heritage; she also loves Irish food! LONDON, England — This is a major cosmopolitan capital I have never visited and I thought it was time to go; there is so much to see and do. We became enchanted with the idea and started telling everyone in the company. By the end of Nutcracker, Liz and I had gathered two more dancers as our travel companions.

And now, with my first season at PNB under my belt, the four of us set off on our adventures. Currently on route to the airport and look forward to reporting back on our first stop — the Blue Lagoon in Iceland!



  1. Wonderful!!! Will you write more? Will you share your journal and photo? I will appreciate to have more to see and read about your trip. Your writing is vary inspiring. Love,


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