About {Me}

About me

I am Cecilia Iliesiu – a dancer, a student, a teacher, a photographer, a traveler, a blogger and I see the world through a unique eye. At the age of three, I took my first step into a dance studio and now I am a dancer with the Pacific Northwest Ballet. And as a born and raised New Yorker, I was embraced by incredible culture at a young age. At every chance I get, I try to visit a new place in the world.

Cecilia Iliesiu. Photo by Tim Lytvinenko, 2014.

Cecilia Iliesiu. Photo by Tim Lytvinenko, 2014.

 My Passions

My passions have taken me through the paths of life. They are dance, travel, photography, healthy lifestyles and anything that dares me to dream bigger.

I value happiness, artistry and determination. Once we as individuals attain happiness, emotionally and physically, we can make a significant contribution to creating a better world. It sounds grandiose, but we have to start somewhere!

“If you have zest and enthusiasm you attract zest and enthusiasm. Life does give back in kind.”  – Norman Vincent Peale

11/7/2014 - Heidelberg

11/7/2014 – Heidelberg

{Zest to Dream} Goals

I find that our lives are so dependent on the communities that surround us and I want to gather people from different walk of life that embrace creativity and zest for life. I hope that by sharing my stories on this blog, it will create an environment of passion and collaborations. By sharing my unique perspective through {Zest to Dream}, I hope to be an opportunity maker to allow myself and others to think bigger and make a happier world.


Cecilia Iliesiu. Photo by Kara Mercer, 2016.

Cecilia Iliesiu. Photo by Kara Mercer, 2016.

New & Improved Blog

My first blog post on {Explore The Ballet} was on September 2011 – {Ballerina} On The Streets – and then the blog transitioned to {Twirling Terpsichorean} for a more creative title.

Now, I want to encompass all parts of my life into one blog with {Zest to Dream}. I still will share my perspective behind the bright lights and stage makeup of dance, but I want to explore deeper into healthy lifestyles and travel. My travel blog {Capturing Cecilia’s Canon} will now be moved here for future posts.


I want to be happy and dare to dream. Please join in my journey.



  1. theseer1959 says

    Richest blessings upon your blog, your craft and upon your life!


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