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{Elice & Cecilia} on the Streets

In the past few weeks, I took the time to review some wonderful projects I was fortunate to be a part of through my blog. My 3 favorites … {Ballerina} on the Street Day of {Myrtha} {Dancer Routine} in Photos While working closely with Tim Lytvinenko on many projects in Downtown Raleigh, I realized I never posted a series of B & W photos he took of myself and my fellow dancer Elice McKinley. This series was the first of many collaborations Tim began with the Carolina Ballet dancers. View Tim’s Work @ {}

{Sweater & Tutu} on the Streets

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting and shooting with photographer Lukas Guil two weekends ago before the Sunday performance of {Master Composers}. My dear friend and former colleague, Taisha (now dancer with the Ballet de Capitole in Toulouse, France) introduced us through Facebook. Taisha and I danced together six years ago as tall corps members with Carolina Ballet; I miss her dearly, but she offers an excellent excuse to visit France. *** Check out her blog {Backpacking Sundress}. These photographs document Lukas’ first full day in Raleigh. As we were running through streets, he continually mentioned how photogenic of a city Raleigh was. I had never though of it before, but I do believe he is right. There are many unique structures that would catch any artist’s eye. Lukas had been traveling with his girlfriend for four weeks in Canada and along the East coast. Raleigh was one of his last stops before returning to France. Although Lukas specializes in engagement and wedding photography, he has a passion for shooting dancers in urban settings. …

Day of {Myrtha}.

I have recently returned from my month long travels to Germany and Hungary. It was an enlightening and enjoyable voyage. At the start of my trip, I participated in the ART of program in Berlin, Germany. I learned a lot about my dancing and the dance world in Europe. I still have much to discover, but I am so grateful for the experience. {Click here to view my travel blog.} Summer vacation concludes next week with the start of my fifth season with the Carolina Ballet. We have an exciting season ahead of us, with a few company premières and a few repeat productions for me. It’s interesting to revisit works I have already done in my career to evaluate my growth. I am looking forward to this new season with a fresh outlook from my summer adventures. At the end of last season in May, a friend of mine brought his camera to the studio and followed me for the day as I rehearsed for the role of Myrtha in Giselle. Jeremy Deihl is a photography student …

{Dancer Routines} in Photos

Carolina Ballet is opening their 15th Anniversary season tonight. It is a monumental milestone for the company and all the dancers, new and old, look forward to presenting audiences our greatest season yet. Personally, this is my fourth season with the Carolina Ballet and it has been a journey of growth. I feel as though I have molded my style of dancing into the artist I want to become. As unbearable as it was not dancing to my potential for the few weeks after my elbow surgery (February 2012), it was an opportunity for me to focus on all the technical details I forgot while dancing in season. I took the summer off to allow myself to explore other passions (travel and photography), but I felt a void. I am delighted now to be back in the studios and on stage dancing. I will soon publish a post about our season’s opening, but first I want to share with you a project a friend of mine did on “a life of a dancer.” Ashley Blue, …

{Little Mermaid} in Water

The Carolina Ballet is proud to present Lynne Taylor-Corbett’s brand-new production of “The Little Mermaid.” The dancers have been working on the production on-and-off since July 2010. Since I have been recovering from my elbow surgery, I have been watching many rehearsals, which has been an enlightening perspective. Although it is fabulous to always be dancing, it is nice to step aside and really understand the steps of the creative process. It has been great following the dancers, the wardrobe staff, and the crew on how everything comes together to make a spectacular show. As a way of promoting this production, Tim Lytvinenko and I decided to organize an underwater shoot. I knew that the costumes would not be ready in time for a photo shoot. (They are still being fix and it’s opening night!) This was the result of our brainstorming. Five other photographs from the same collection are hanging for the month of March in Chuck’s, a restaurant in Downtown Raleigh.   Carolina Ballet’s “Little Mermaid” production, plus several pas de deux, runs from …

Dancers at the {Window}

Again, the Carolina Ballet dancers had the pleasure of working with the fabulous photographer Tim Lytvinenko.  The Solas restaurant on downtown’s Glenwood Avenue and Carolina Ballet’s marketing department merged ideas to do a photo shoot for advertising.  Here are the best shots from our rainy afternoon.

{Four Dancers} on the Street

Tim Lytvinenko, who did the Dracula shoot in the previous post, did a “Dancers on the Street” shoot with a couple of dancers about a month ago.  These photos brought a close to a blistering summer and a start to an edgy fall to downtown Raleigh. The group started at our home (the Progress Energy Center of Performing Arts) and traveled up Fayetteville Street.  Then we meandered through Nash Square and finally made it to the Warehouse District, near the Pit restaurant.  I came in time to take some sideline photos of Tim working with Peggy (aka. Margret) and Eugene. Enjoy.

{Dracula} on the Streets

The Saturday before the start of our “Dracula” production run, a group of us ventured to the streets again, but this time with the fantastic photography Tim Lytvinenko.  During the afternoon, we took edgy yet classic ballet photos (which will be a separate post).  But at sundown, Raleigh was hit by vampires.  Dracula (Marcelo Martinez) and his three vampire brides, aka. Twisted Sisters (Randi Osetek, Alicia Fabry, and Ashley Hathaway) made Raleigh a scary place.  Watch out, they might come bite you!

{Ballerina} on the Streets

A ballerina took a leap of faith and walked the street in a leotard and tutu.  Lara O’Brien, Eugene Barnes, and I took a venture that has never been done in Raleigh, NC.  We took a classic ballerina and put her on the streets to see how the crowds would react.  You might ask, what is the point? The point is to create a buzz about ballet and to promote our upcoming mixed-bill program, which includes Petipa’s Black and White Swan Lake Pas de Deux.  Lara is representing Odette, the white swan. We got many pointing fingers and questions of what we were doing – exactly what we wanted! I had rehearsal until 6pm, so we tried to make an appearance at as many spots as we could before it got dark. First stop – We see the skyline view of Raleigh from the Boylan Bridge.  The crowds at the Boylan Bridge Brewpub cheered on as our ballerina got lifted and bikers made their rounds of the downtown streets to see a swan dancing away. …